Retained Cuts

In traffic route construction, a retained cut consists of lateral retaining walls and a closed invert, the latter normally being constructed as a ramp. The traffic way is built on the ramp.

If situated below the groundwater table, such a retained cut has to be made waterproofed, e.g. by using water resistant concrete. In such a case, the structure is to be protected from uplift (buoyancy). This can be achieved by means of the structure's own weight and/or by anchoring it in the subsoil. Driven piles made from reinforced concrete or steel or reinforced concrete bored piles are used for anchorage.


Sonnenweg / Tonndorfer Hauptstra├če Retained Cut

Raising of the railway line on an embankment

Leipzig City Tunnel, Contract Section A

Tunnel and ramp structure below the groundwater table

Leipzig City Tunnel, Contract Section C